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With our Foot Worship, there are no gimmicks, weird tongue movements of anything like that.  Chaz Fontana’s brand of foot worship comes from the soul because he is a lifestyle foot fetishist.  All of the foot models are told to wear their stinkiest shoes all day before the shoot for “the authentic factor”.  And they do, for the most part.  The reactions to the worship and the scent of the women are real.  Hell you can even see Chaz’s taste in feet to know that he is the real deal that only worships the epitome of perfection.  This site is also a dedication to all of the foot fetishists out there, who do this every day!  I’m “skit” based for now, to keep things interested, but we are an ever evolving, and ever flowing foot worship site.

Worshipping Women’s Feet

I guess why I love Worshipping Women’s Feet so much, really boils down to my fetish and when I got it when I was a kid.  I really love worshipping pretty women’s feet.  Women that are just beautiful, or a cut above the rest, as they say.  To me, worshipping a beautiful woman’s feet is a rare gift.  Especially when you can just sit down, relax and smell their feet for awhile.  Taking your time.  Have the woman being worshipped, being receptive and interested in foot worship and watching her enjoy it.  That is what we aim to do, here at  This is our mantra.

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