Chaz FontanaI have had my foot fetish since an early age, before I was a teenager.  I love women’s feet.  I love worship with pretty women.  I love looking up at they’re pretty faces while I breathe in the essence of her perfection.  This is woman to me.  I love women’s feet to be wet with sweat.  I love it when they “air out” their feet on my face, so I can catch her scent from “crazy angry everywhere”, to going into the latitudes to where her true pheromones and scent lie.  This is super important to me.

As I get older, I ever evolve and am constantly becoming reborn again in the light of the feminine mystique.  That’s why I wanted to do this site.  To show true worship without all of the labels that come with it.  Just a guy with a foot fetish, sitting down at the feet of a pretty woman and worshipping her from his soul.  All of these models are handpicked by me, for the qualities that they have.  Some you will see over and over again.  These are the true gems in my mind, with the perfect feet.  This site also chronicles much of my online persona here, at the feet of beautiful women.

I own and operate multiple foot fetish concepts and here, you will get to experience them all, from sneak peeks from my other concepts to going fully in depth with foot worship amateurs.  Always with the best photo/video quality and always with that discerning eye for the perverse and arcane.  Welcome to my world, where I burn every day for the scent of hot women’s feet, all over my face.  Watch us evolve and grow, for you, being the number one drive for us and myself, personally.

With the membership price points, for all of my sites, you will notice that I do not charge an arm and a leg for membership.  I want my content to be accessible to as many different fetishists and people that admire women’s feet as possible.  This is the way I roll.  Only with much more content, will my prices rise.  So you’ll always be sure to get the most bang for the buck as possible with us!

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